ZingAnything Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

It is hard to find something more energizing (or beneficial to your health) than fresh, ice-cold lemon water. For a great water bottle that encourages tasteful hydration, I recommend Citrus Zinger. It can be a little clunky for running errands or using at the gym, but it works great for around the home.


  • The Citrus Zinger offer an easy way to extract juice and flavor from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle.
  • Finger hole provided for easy carrying, wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed.
  • Cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage.
  • Health-safe materials – BPA/EA-free Tritan Plastic from Eastman.
  • Easy to clean and reusable. Excellent Citrus Infuser

For more substantiation on the health benefits, I’ve included a brief list of articles referencing the advantages. This is by no means exhaustive. As always, check with your doctor before making drastic changes to your diet.





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