The Importance of Vitamins

I always start my day with a variety of vitamins – so, I thought that I would share this article.

Prevention Magazine: Best Vitamins For Women, by Elizabeth Somer, RD

Always remember to take with a meal and a full glass of water! Don’t forget to review the Food Sources listed under each reference, too. Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before trying or using any sort of supplement!

Personally, I look forward to trying the following (after consulting my doctor):

Ginger (one 500-mg capsules every four hours as needed);

Ginseng (100mg twice daily);

Vitamin E (wheat germ, nuts, spinach);

Vitamin B6  & B12 (avocados, bananas, whole grain);

Copper (leafy greens);

Omega-3s (fish, flaxseed).


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