Smart:Vocab GRE App

smart-vocab-gre-study-app-screen-shotSmart:Vocab GRE

This app is a fun and effective way to learn vocabulary! Uses iOS or Android operating systems.

When you first open the app, you must take a diagnostic test of 30 words. This test places you at an appropriate vocabulary level – from “White Belt” to “Black Belt.” You move up the ranking as you “master” more words. Once Black Belt is achieved, you will get “bonus words;” therefore, even if you place at an advanced level in the diagnostic, you will always be given additional words.

Words are organized into three different categories: Mastered; Current; Words Left (see icon above). Quizzes are available for both previously “mastered” words, as well as current words. Repetition is key to this app: you must correctly define a word on three different quizzes before it is considered “mastered.”

Once you have a couple hundred vocab words “mastered,” I recommend starting a Google doc or Excel spreadsheet that aggregates all similar definitions. This encourages the most efficacious vocabulary building. I also recommend regularly reviewing the “mastered” list within the app.

The cost is a flat fee of $4.99. It is definitely worth the investment.