Advice from on How to Get Things Done

Between our professional work load, social calendar, academic goals, and volunteering commitments, it can sometimes feel like we are wearing too many hats all at the same time. There is never enough time in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month….

Coming from an Organizer through-and-through, I found this article (by Laura Schwecherl) both relevant and applicable. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back, make some lists,  and clean up a bit 🙂

#3. Wake up earlier. If still able to squeeze in enough sleep, try extending the day by getting up an hour earlier — when it’s still quiet and there are fewer distractions. My advice: Get to the gym in the morning! Even though it seems counter-productive, you’ll feel more energized, be in a better mood, and feel great about yourself before you  even get to the office.

#9. Take a midday workout break. Can’t fathom cleaning the bathroom? Or having writers’ block? Working out during the day could actually boost productivity, so the time spent exercising could actually help us get more done later. My advice: That is, if you haven’t already gone in the morning!

#16. “Eat the frogs.” We swear it’s a real term. Do the task you’re least looking forward to first to get it out of the way. (No guarantees Prince Charming will emerge.). My adivce: I think it depends on the task, sometimes it is nice to get the “little things” out of the way.

#24. De-clutter. Get rid of anything in the way that may cause distractions. Put away the dishes, fold clothes, and get rid of excess papers on the desk. My advice: You’ll feel like you already accomplished something, and will want to continue “the streak.

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